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5 Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude Today

5 Simple Ways To Practice Gratitude Today

The thick fog consuming the morning hours and the chilly breeze sweeping the night sky are clear indications that Fall is here and so is the season to practice gratitude. Practicing gratitude does not have to be a huge, daunting task, but a simple action that you can practice daily and a simple way to…

self-care for the young dreamer

35 Self-Care Ideas for the Young Dreamer

Incorporating self-care into your week in becoming less and less of an option and more of a necessity. With busy work weeks, hours of homework and responsibilities piling up at your footsteps, taking some time out of your day to show yourself love and care is essential. To help you out with your self-care practice,…

How To Start A Profitable Blog

Starting a blog less than a year ago was one of the best decisions I have ever made. As a busy college student, blogging has served as a side-hustle, tool for stress-relief and creative outlet for self-expression! Blogging is amazing, but starting a blog that best fits you is not as easy as you think.…