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5 Beauty Do’s and Don’ts for Flawless, Glowing Skin

Skin-care is one of the most important elements to add into your daily routine, including your self-care routine. Taking proper steps to care for the biggest organ of your body is important and having beautiful, healthy skin is appealing and welcoming! Here are 5 Beauty Do’s and Don’ts for Flawless, Glowing Skin! 1. Do –…

5 Simple Ways Empowered Women, Empower Women

Women are magnificent and there is nothing more beautiful than seeing women lifting each other up. In this dog-eat-dog man’s world, the more girl power we can produce and spread, the better the world will be and the stronger the next generation will become. The art of empowerment is not as challenging as it may…

10 Things You Should Do Every Day

Every day is a new day for you to create for yourself. Finding ways to make your day more productive and enjoyable is key to wellbeing and success. To help you to be your best self-today and every day, here are 10 things you should do every day! 1. DRINK A LOT OF WATER You…

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