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1. You don’t get a second chance at making a first impression. Always be your best because you never know who’s watching.

2. Be your own person. Yes, I know this is hands down the most basic statement every formed, but it is so true and so essential to follow. As a young adult entering a new world full of spontaneous adventures and enormous responsibility, we should aspire to remain true to who we are and not try to be like everyone else. When we remain true to ourselves and follow our dreams, we will understand the beauty of life and reach the pursuit of happiness.

3. Start Every Day With A Grateful Heart. Whether we know it or not, we all have so much to be grateful for. Our health, our family, our friends, our job, our education, and other great things in our lives. We should never take anything for granite. Wake up with a grateful heart every day!

4. Your Silence Serves No One. The future attorney in me wants to shout these words from the rooftops! Your silences serves no one. Period. When you witness wrongful acts and don’t speak up about it, you are condoning those actions. Speak up about injustice and know that you are speaking for those who may not have a voice.

5. Live Life at Your Own Pace. Stop focusing on everyone else and just do you boo! When you live your life at your pace, the people that will enter your life to bless you will come at the right time, the opportunities that will accelerate you into the new great chapter of your life will come accordingly, and your life will fall into place at the times that will benefit you. You can’t do this on someone else’s timeline, so stick to yours!

6. Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things! I heard someone say this back in high school and I laughed! This statement is corny, but it also has so much truth to it. We tend to get distracted by petty ish and lose sight of our true focus – our life purpose. Don’t let petty things take over your life. Shake it off and keep living out your purpose.

 7. Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8. Never give up! Falling down is apart of life. Failure happens, but the true character of a woman (or man) is not when they fall, but when they rise again. So get back up and keep running your race!

8. You can’t let someone love you if you don’t love yourself. I can’t tell you how essential this value is. You simply cannot let someone love you if you don’t love yourself. How can someone love you when you haven’t developed a self-love for yourself. This is one reason why so many relationships fail. They couple lacks self-love. Take some time to love on yourself. Spend time discovering who you are and what you love and when you love yourself, you will know your self-worth and have more of an understanding of how you want to be loved by others and yourself.

9. Always keep likeminded people in your inner circle. Squad goals! First of all, you need to keep your circle small. I always preach that 4 quarters are greater than 100 pennies and this is so true! Surround yourself with friends that bring immense value to you and your life. Also, keep friends that share the same values and beliefs as you. It’s key to have people who will connect with you instead of those who simply clash with you. Likeminded people can do so much together, so keep your likeminded friends close and don’t let them go.

10. You can be good by yourself, but you can’t be great by yourself. We were not designed to go about this world alone. We were designed to be with others and it is crucial that we understand this in order to prosper in life.

11. Define your core values and live by them. THIS IS KEY. You need to define core values that we want others to know us by. My four core values are:




Cocoa Butter (lol)

When you develop core values, you model the person that you want to be and the person you want others to know. If you want to be a woman (or man) of integrity, you have to evaluate your choices and simply ask yourself, “If I do this action, will it show that I am a person of integrity?”. If you can’t answer yes to this question, then you need to reevaluate yourself and your values.

12.  Worrying doesn’t add days to your life. Worrying takes so much time and energy and results in nothing. We don’t add days to our life worrying about our loved ones, worrying about our finances, or worrying about our futures. Stop worrying and know that when we rest, God works.

13. You can’t change people. We all know that one person that we so badly wish could change so badly. We wish they could more trusting, communicate more clearly or be everything we ever dreamed of, but no one is perfect and you can’t change people to make them more desirable in your eyes. The only person that you can change is yourself. Period. You can change your perspective and most importantly you can change who you spend your time with.

14. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. I adore my mother so dearly for telling me this. We build up this idea that in order for life to be great, everything has to be perfect, but that’s not true.  Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. Make the best out of all situations and you’ll see that you can find beauty out of everything!

15. Invest in yourself. There is no better person for you to invest your time, energy and money in than yourself. Yes, YOU! Invest in yourself. If there is something that can help shape you into your best self, whether it is education, physical training, or simply enjoying a day in bed, invest it in yourself!

16. Master the art of active listening. We are so good at being the one who communicates or talks in any given conversation, but we fail when it comes to listening to others. A wonderful habit of practice is listening to others actively. When we actively listen, we can communicate back to the person in ways that someone who only cares about what they have to say can’t do. Actively listening is a great skill to master and will aid you in becoming a successful individual. Learn to shut up and LISTEN.

17.  Be Confident. Confidence is key. I personally think that confidence is the sexiest quality that someone can have. When you are confident, people will admire you. Be confident in who you are.

18.  Save that Money! Lil Dicky mastered this concept and in order to stay afloat in your 20’s, so do you. Don’t blow all of your money on things that will remain temporary or things that are not longlasting. Save, Save, Save and when you feel like you have done enough, save some more!

19. Everyone has a Purpose. Find yours and let it drive you! I’ve been reading Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life and I have been so inspired to live out my life with purpose. Having a purpose or reason brings clarity and assurance to who we are. We all have a purpose and when we discover our God-given purpose, we run our race with meaning and joy.

20. Live Life Happy! You only have one life to live. Live your life happy and surround yourself with people that bring you joy!

I hope you enjoyed these 20 values that I live by in my 20s and hope you feel inspired to live by them too! Keep your values high and don’t forget to…

Pass The Salt!!!

Photo by Hunt Han on Unsplash

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