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With Father’s Day less than a week away, you may be ready with the perfect gift to give to your father on Sunday, but if you are anything like me, you procrastinated and waited until the last minute to get your gift in order.

Well, there is no need to worry!

With more than 20 years under my belt of being a daughter, I am an expert at making Father’s Day memorable and will help you to do the same too!

Here is a list of 20 Affordable Father’s Day Gift Ideas to consider for Father’s Day!

*** I am an Amazon Affiliate and have posted links to products throughout this post, which if you use to purchase, I will receive a small amount of commission and am not responsible for the actions of the services.

  1. Handmade Card – There is no better gift than those that are handmade! Making a Father’s Day is special and making one that has personal touches such as pictures, quotes, or anything that brings a strong connection to the man you are honoring is special. Consider making a card regardless of what you are planning for Father’s Day.
  2. A Personalized Mug – This is always a cute gift idea, regardless of the occasion. Getting a personalized mug with a cute quote or saying is a great idea. Consider getting one that is not the typical “#1 Dad”. Try finding one that best fits your dad. I got my dad one that says “I Only Eat Fufu on Days That End With “Y”.    
  3. Timex Watch – The watch will forever be a classic gift to give and with everything being so digital, it is great to go back to the basics with this timeless gift. With a number of different styles, the Timex Watch is a stellar gift.
  4. Dollar Shave Club Membership  The Dollar Shave Club Membership is a special gift. With multiple gift sets of the beautiful shaving kit which includes the razor, replacement razors, shaving butter, and post shave cream, this is a great gift to ship to the father figure you love!                                                                                       
  5. Matching Shirt and Tie – The classic button-up collar shirt with a matching tie has never failed, but getting multiple pairs so that you can match is PRICELESS! Not only do you score a new outfit, but you get to twin with dad! A wonderful gift for the man in your life! 
  6. Amazon Fire TV Stick – The Fire TV Stick with Alexa is also a great buy, one that the will be loved by your father and the whole family. This stick is great for easily displaying your videos from your phone onto the big screen in no time! Definitely, the gift that keeps on giving!                             
  7. Custom Tie Clip – This is a great gift to go with a stylish tie. Tie clips are an old fashion staple and would be a much-appreciated gift. Seek one that has a great message engraved on such as “#1 Dad”!
  8. Oil Diffuser – I love my essential oil diffuser and so does my dad! Whenever I make the trip home, I always bring it and set it up in his room for great aromatherapy. I would greatly consider this as a gift and recommend finding oils that best work for your father! He will love this one!
  9. Hydro flask – I love having my hydro flask and your father figure will too! With different sizes, colors, and purposes, this is a great gift and will be used and appreciated! 
  10. Dad’s Favorite Cologne – A great gift to grab his favorite cologne! I love getting gifts that can be used and appreciated and this is a great gift. Do some investigating and get his favorite for a great gift.
  11. Recreate a childhood photo – For a cute and creative gift for Father’s Day, recreate a childhood photo from the past to give to your father. You can get a frame that has both the old and new photo on it so that you can show off your creative project!
  12. Write 100 reasons why you love your dad – For an authentic and original gift, you can write down 100 reasons why you love your dad. Find 100 reasons, both serious and funny on why you love your father and present it to them in a beautiful frame or a decorated mason jar!
  13. Gift card to Dad’s Favorite Store – Gift cards are the greatest gifts because you put the responsibility of buying the tangible item in the hands of the recipient. Find out where your father likes to shop and grab him a gift card. Easy breezy lemon squeezy!
  14. Massage – A nice massage is another great gift that any father would love to receive. There are so many places to get a great hour massage from and to make it more special, you can plan a partner massage (get yourself one too).
  15. Hug Coupons – Making hug coupons or coupons for future tasks on them such as a car wash or mowing the lawn is a cute gift to hand to your father. You can relax on the day and take care of the responsibilities in the future!
  16. Sneakers or shoes – A girl loves herself a brand new pair of shoes and so will your father! Pick up some stylish new shoes, whether they are dress shoes or a fresh pair of sneakers, consider grabbing some shoes for your dad to wear for the weeks to come!
  17. New Pillow – A great night of sleep will forever be a great gift and buying dad a new pillow is one way to help! I would recommend a memory foam pillow that is supportive of the neck. I use this one pillow and have zero regrets. 
  18. Wireless Earbuds – A pair of wireless earbuds for your father is a great gift. Take them into the next digital age with a pair of earbuds that can easy sync with their phone, help them make phone calls, and last for hours with great battery life. 
  19. Audible Subscription – Audible is a great gift. Instead of buying dad some of his favorite classics and books, you can treat him to an Audible subscription so he can take his reading with him wherever he goes!
  20. You! – You are the most precious gift that any father can receive on Father’s Day. Spend the day with the fathers you love and celebrate with them!

I hope this list blesses you and your father figures for Father’s Day.

This is also a great time to consider getting an Amazon Prime Membership. With affordable prices, free 2-day shipping, and numerous prime membership specials and deals, Prime is a great tool for getting those affordable last minute gifts and everyday items!

Happy Father’s Day!

Celebrate together and don’t forget to…

Pass the Salt!

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