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Every day is a new day for you to create for yourself. Finding ways to make your day more productive and enjoyable is key to wellbeing and success. To help you to be your best self-today and every day, here are 10 things you should do every day!


You probably hear this enough, but I think it is key to remind you to always drink enough water. Water is so essential for our good health and well-being, so why not fill up! You can always drink tons of water!

I practice yoga throughout my week and drink over 90 ounces a day to stay hydrated. If you are doing a high-intensity workout or going to spend the day out in the sun, I recommend that you do the same.

There are a number of ways to keep track of your water intake such as bullet journal or using an app. Find a way that best helps you and gets to sippin’!


As a college student who lives in the dorms, I know that I don’t have to make my bed every day because my mom isn’t around, but I do it anyway and it helps me to start my day off in the right mindset!

Making your bed is such an easy task to do and research has shown that making your bed will inspire you to take on more task throughout your day.

If you can simply make your bed in the morning, imagine what other tasks you can complete in your day!

To inspire you to want to fold those sheets, find some cute bedding that looks perfect when made! The only thing that you are going to think about is how cute your room will look once the bed is made! 


Express gratitude each and every day. Regardless of how your circumstances look, we all have so much to be thankful for.

Last year, I was going through a rough patch with some friendships that left me feeling defeated. During this time of heartbreak, I decided to not let my circumstances overwhelm me and decided to practice gratitude instead. I took a little mason jar, grabbed some colorful sticky notes and wrote down all of the things that I was grateful for. That jar served as a reminder to me that even during the bad days, I have so much good going for me that nothing bad could keep me down!

Find ways throughout your day that you can practice gratitude. Whether it’s a post on social media, a quick note in your planner, or doing like me and creating a gratitude jar, expressing gratitude stimulates positive vibrations and can benefit you and those around you throughout your day!


Stay up to date with the latest news. Whether that is checking your social media like Twitter to see all that is happening or watching your local news for the breaking news stories, staying up to date on what is happening can be a  key to your safety and overall awareness on what is happening in your world. 

Find a time or times throughout the day to catch up on things news. I stay up to date using news apps and set notifications so I can hear about all of the latest events with ease! 

Find a tool that helps you to do the same!


One thing I believe we all should find a little time to do every day is workout! 

As an African American woman, I know that heart disease is a common health issue that we have, so I strive to find at least 30 minutes in my day to go for a walk. 

Find some time in your day to workout and sweat. Seek out a workout that you like and will challenge you to come back and be better the next day. If you know me, you know that I suck at yoga, but love doing it because it gives me room for growth as well as makes me super sweaty.

There are so many different ways to get that body moving baby, so make it happen every day and you will not only see results in the way that you look but also in the way how you feel!


As a Christian, I find my daily devotionals to be my time of reflection and relaxation. It plays a big role in my overall well-being and success and taking some time out of your day to either pray, have devotion, or simply meditate will show assist you in becoming your best self!

Schedule some time out of your day, whether it is the morning, afternoon lunch break, or before you go to bed to have some time or devotion and reflection. Take notes and find ways to practice what you are uncovering in your everyday walk.


Protect that beautiful smile by brushing teeth and flossing at least twice a day for two minutes. You are too cute to not spend that time on yourself and your teeth are an important part of your health, so take care of them.

Cleansing your face is also another essential thing that you do each and every day. With elements such as dirt, sweat, makeup, etc., your face takes a lot throughout the day, so find time to love it by washing it in your favorite facial soap. This is a great routine to have coupled with brushing your teeth!


I love creating to-do lists and setting goals for the week! They give me the motivation to keep going during my challenging weeks and keep me organized and on task. I love finding a great notebook to write out my big assignments and use sticky notes to aid me to wrap up my miscellaneous task.

Find the motivation to write out a to-do list every day and create attainable goals for yourself to complete. Regardless of what you are doing with your day, it is great to map out the day with a to-do list!


Put your phone down and fall in love with reading again! With so many great reads to pick up, there is a book out there that is screaming your name. Carve out time in your day to sit and read.

I like to spend the first hour of my day reading a novel and find that it relaxes and stimulates me to crave more knowledge in my day. 

Join a book club, join a literature class, or carve time out of your day to sit down without distractions and read!


Going to bed at a reasonable time can be a difficult task, but I find that when I go to bed early, I have more energy in my day and seize to do more things like go to the gym or finish a big task on my to-do list.

Find a time that you can agree on to go to bed. If you make this your time every day, you will go to bed at this time and find yourself feeling tired and prepared for bed around the time.

I challenge you to make it a streak and track the number of days in a row that you went to bed at your bedtime and treat yo self when you keep it up for a number of days!

I hope you found this post inspiring and will grasp on to these 10 tips. Find time to love yourself and love those around you. Adding self-care to your everyday regimen is essential to your well-being and taking some time to make you your best you every day will bring about greatness and beauty in your life. 

Be the change that you want to see in the world and inspire others to be the same and don’t forget to…

Pass the Salt!

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

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