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5 Ways Empowered Women, Empower Women

Women are magnificent and there is nothing more beautiful than seeing women lifting each other up. In this dog-eat-dog man’s world, the more girl power we can produce and spread, the better the world will be and the stronger the next generation will become.

The art of empowerment is not as challenging as it may appear. You don’t have to go to a Women’s March every weekend to show your support to the fearless women around the globe. You simply can take small acts that will produce immense change. To help you with this, here are 5 simple ways empowered women, empower women!


The power of a compliment goes a long way, especially on a day that you are feeling down or having doubt in yourself or your ability. The action of compliment is simple and other women will be moved to hear one. If you see something you like/admire, just let them know. Tell her that she is looking beautiful, congratulate her after a presentation or simply compliment her outfit. Compliments are simple and can go a long way, so challenge yourself to compliment another woman today!


I love this simple act because there are endless opportunities you can support other women. Whether it is going to a Women’s March, volunteering at an organization where women are running the show, or simply doing homework with a girlfriend to help them pass a class, supporting each other in our endeavors is a beautiful action of kindness and love. Seek out ways to support other women and make yourself open for others to support you.


Table Salt is all about inspiration, so it should be no surprise to you that one of my tips to empower other women is to inspire them through your own life! I love working to be an inspiration, not to be praised or have everyone want to be me but to be a light in a dark alley and bring others up to be their best selves. That’s what being an inspiration means to me and I know that the power of being an inspiration means the world to others – especially other women.

Find ways to inspire others and bring out the best in them. Inspire them by living out a healthy life and ask them to join you on your journey. Inspire women to take time for self-care and self-love and how to incorporate that into their busy lives. Inspire them to go the distance and take chances. Remind them that though they may have tough breaks, they can rise again and tell them to never give up!

Be an inspiration to others and inspire other women today!


Empowered women empower other women by praying for them. Spending time in our day praying for others is powerful and thoughtful. There are so many women that we can pray for in our lives – our mothers, aunts, girlfriends, leaders in power, etc. I love praying for leaders in power because I want them to know that we acknowledge the work that they are doing and we are praying for their success and wellbeing.

One simple tool that I use for prayer is the YouVersion Bible App. I love this app because it produces daily bible verses and I love sending them out and sharing them with someone that I am thinking of. Create a list of women you would like to pray for and take time to pray for them daily.


Empowered women empower, strengthen and love women when they take the time to be present with them. This is one of the most essential steps to empowering women and I want to inspire you to find time in your week to be present with women.

Be present and actively listen to what they have to say – they may need your prayer, guidance, or inspiration to make it through the challenges that we all face in life.

Spend time with women you know, get to know other women you don’t know, and empower all of them to be amazing and resilient. Your time empowering them will create change that will make the world a better place!


I hope this list of 5 Simple Ways Empowered Women, Empower Women gave you the inspiration to empower other women today! I am so thankful to all of the women that have instilled confidence and strength in me and I want to dedicate this blog post to them!

Empower other women and inspire others to do the same and don’t forget to…

Pass the Salt!


Photo by Graham Hunt on Unsplash

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