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How To Start A Profitable Blog

Starting a blog less than a year ago was one of the best decisions I have ever made. As a busy college student, blogging has served as a side-hustle, tool for stress-relief and creative outlet for self-expression!

Blogging is amazing, but starting a blog that best fits you is not as easy as you think. To help you start your blogging journey, sign up for the 7-day email course on How To Start A Profitable Blog!

1.Uncover Your Blogging Purpose and Determine Your Niche

There is a blogger inside of all of us – it is your job to bring it out and I am here to help! As a newbie blogger myself, I’ve been learning the ropes from other big shot bloggers and the ones that I found to be the most helpful and successful were the ones that helped the newbies develop their blogging purpose!

Blogging without a purpose leaves one side-tracked on their steps and goals. When you define why you want to blog, you defining your path to success! 

Finding your purpose is simple and aligns your path down the road! My purpose for blogging is to make money to pay for law school! What is your reason to start a profitable blog? Define it today!

Now that you have determined your blogging purpose, it is time to determine your blogging niche. There are numerous blogging niches you can walk into, it is your job to pick one and run with it with all you got!

All of these niches are profitable and can fit into your passions and interest! 

Need some help? 

Sign-up for the How To Start A Profitable Blog 7-Day Email Course and take the Blogger Personality Test!

2. Blog Hosting Plan

Self-Hosting is the only way to go if you want to make money and Siteground is an amazing hosting platform to work with! 

To help you get started with self-hosting your blog, I am going to take you through step-by-step on how to sign-up with Siteground!

Step 1: Picking A Website Plan

START HERE: Go to Siteground.com and choose a hosting plan that best fits your needs.

*For first-time bloggers, I recommend the “StartUp” Plan. This is the plan that I am currently using it allows me to host my site with ease!

Step 2: Create A SiteGround Account

Now that you have selected your plan, it is time to create an account with Siteground

This is where you will also register your domain name!

Since we have spent the last two days planning and naming your blog, this is where the moment comes that you put your name officially on the dotted line! 

*If you already have a domain name, make sure that you specify that you do!

Step 3: Choosing A Hosting Package

We Are Making Money Moves! This is the time that you also officially pick your hosting package. 

I recommend starting small and building up so that you can see what you want.

When I started with Bluehost, I started with a year plan and am glad because I DO NOT recommend hosting with them.

I recommend that you start small and build up!

* If you are getting purchasing your domain from Siteground, don’t forget to get domain privacy to protect against hackers!

Step 4: You Are A Self-Hosted Blogger!

From here, you have purchased your hosting platform and has committed to becoming a self-hosted blogger!

Congratulations on making this big step. Many bloggers do not make this transition, but I am pleased that you did and I am glad that I get to join you on your blogging journey!

If you are looking for more guidance, please sign-up for the 7-Day Email Course and I will take you more closely into everything you need to know about starting a profitable blog!


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