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Table Salt is all about Passing the Salt, so here are a few resources that I have for those who want to go into blogging and those who want to expand their online presence!

Website, Marketing, and Design:

WordPress.org  – WordPress is an amazing website platform and if you want to take your blogging to the next level, using WordPress.org is the way to do it. With various themes and support, you can have a beautiful self-hosted in no time.

Bluehost  – When I started blogging, I had basically had no clue at what I was doing and that was totally okay with me because when I didn’t know where to go, Bluehost had my back and supported me. I recognize that one can self-host on their own, but I would recommend joining a hosting service to help you design a beautiful website that is not only protected but functional. With a price of $3.95/month, this service is affordable and will be beneficial in your blogging journey

Unsplash – For beautiful, free photos. Unsplash has great photography and I have used them for every blog posts that I have ever shared (including this fav). Check them out and use their photos.

Canva – Canva has been my latest discovery in blogging and has made all the difference. Canva is not only free; its easy and will take your website or online presence to the next level!

Pinterest – I have been using Pinterest to monetize my blog and have gotten a great amount of traffic from them. This is a great place for inspiration and advice and will be resourceful for any blogger to post their material. Check out my Pinterest!

Grammarly – Grammarly is something that WE ALL NEED! I love this program because it catches the smallest errors and cleans up your writing, making you look like the Next Bestselling Author! This is great for blogging because it will aid you to clean up your writing in and have you ready to post in no time.


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